How Narcissistic Mothers Create Sibling Rivalry

by Michelle Piper

Sibling relationships are often a casualty of the narcissistic mother. In fact, narcissistic mothers both consciously and subconsciously create sibling rivalry.

Due to the limited resources of affection, attention and favor from the narcissistic mom, siblings have to vie for their rations. Because narcissistic mothers are incredibly self-centered, they have precious little time and effort to spare for their children. Thus, any attention, whether it be positive or negative, may be pursued by the children of a narcissistic mother even at the expense of relating to their siblings.

In functional families, sibling rivalry naturally occurs and, with adequate parenting, ideally turns into respect for each other as children mature. Siblings are encouraged to be close and love each other.

This isn’t the case in a family with a narcissist as the matriarch. Children are pitted against each other and taught from very early on that if they wanted any sort of “love” or attention from their mother, they’ll have to compete for it against each other.

If you grew up in a narcissistic family system, you may now see there’s a constant comparison between siblings—who’s doing better and who’s ranking higher in the narcissistic mother’s eyes. Because of this, you may not feel connected to your siblings, and distrustful of them because you can’t be sure what you say won’t be held against you.

You may long to feel the camaraderie and closeness you see your friends have with their siblings.

Sadly, siblings with a narcissistic mother often sacrifice relationships with each other to compete for something that doesn’t exist: their mother’s unconditional love. Narcissists have difficulty feeling love or empathy for anyone, leaving you and your siblings to bid for conditional, short-term attention that can be switched on and off at any minute.

At times you may be frustrated with yourself for feeling unworthy and inadequate and project those self-deprecating feelings onto your siblings as well. You are taught from a young age to repress their feelings and that they don’t matter.

Children are often put into shifting roles by the narcissistic mother. First, the golden child, is the hero, the mother’s other-half, or her mirror. There are pros to this role, such as getting all of the best stuff, the attention, and the ability to entertain the illusion you can do no wrong. Your accomplishments, no matter how minor, are celebrated to the fullest extent. However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows for the golden child.

You may become enmeshed with your narcissistic mother and grow up without any real knowledge of boundaries or self-identity. In this spotlight, you are just the puppet of the mother, and the one of whom the other siblings are ultimately the most jealous.

Then there’s the scapegoat. When you receive attention from your mother in this role, it’s of the negative variety. But, oh, the relief in feeling you are at last beyond her control. Of course, that feeling can be short-lived as a child because the narcissistic mother will make great effort to strip you of that control and as the adult, she often has the power to do so.

When in the scapegoat role, you shoulder the blame, shame, and anger of the family. If something goes wrong, it’s your fault. You are labeled as the “bad” one, even if you don’t fit into that category. The silver lining of the scapegoat role is that you often have a better concept of self and independence than does the golden child, which can help you later on in life.

Finally, if you are the lost child, the forgotten one that receives neither the praise nor the blame, you may do your best to remain invisible and away from your mother’s wrath. You sense it might be better to go unnoticed than to have to deal with the emotionally debilitating games your narcissistic mother plays with her other children.

Some narcissistic mothers intentionally triangulate and pit their children against one another because of their belief in the “zero sum game.” This is a narcissistic game in which one participant’s gain results from the others loss.

The net change in total wealth among participants is zero. The attention the children receive from their mother is just shifted, not shared, so as to always keep someone left out. Therefore, a gain by one child is a loss for another.

When I say “triangulate,”  it means three roles are being played. Imagine a triangle where at each one of three points there’s the villain, the victim, and the rescuer.

The villain is the one who blames, disrespects, attacks, or criticizes the victim. In turn, this tempts the rescuer to defend the victim, which can move the rescuer into the villain’s place and the villain into the victim’s place.

The roles often switch and reverse. For example, the narcissistic mother can start out as the villain and the scapegoat as her victim. If you try to become your sibling’s rescuer when your brother or sister is in the villain role, you, instead, become the villain in your mother’s eyes for betraying her. And, she in turn, is now the victim of you and tempts your sibling to become the rescuer to gain mother’s positive attention.

It is an exhausting emotional game that may never end.

She can also make active attempts to insure the competition is fierce. She may spend excessive time alone with one of her children, most likely the golden child, instead of including all of her children in an activity or outing.

She may commiserate with one child about the other’s negative behavior, so that a tag-team competition is set up as well. Some narcissistic mothers intentionally block bonding and encourage competition between siblings. Other narcissistic moms creative a vacuum of neglect where the kids are left to prey upon each other for the meager emotional resources that are available in the family environment.

Families like this can feel like an emotional desert. The result of tactics like emotional abuse, lies, and neglect, however, ensures her children are always on their toes, working to earn her conditional love.

The negative feelings you had toward your siblings while growing up can carry on well into your adult life. Siblings may never be close to each other due to the deep emotional scars and animosity they were programmed to feel towards each other by the narcissistic family environment. You may find one of your siblings is unable to let go of the old system and actively keeps the rivalry going. He or she will then miss the value of having a fellow survivor, their brother or sister, who understands what they endured.

As adult children of narcissists (ACONs), competition between your siblings can decrease if there’s a realization by all parties that what you were taught growing up is not how siblings need act towards each other. Instead, it’s possible to support and ally against the narcissistic mother’s negative behavior.  There is sometimes an opportunity to create trust and bonding between adult siblings of narcissists that was not possible as children caught in the destructive narcissistic pattern of parenting.

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jenn September 24, 2016 at 12:38 am

my sister and mother and family– all narcs and sociopaths, but im their only victim. these monsters spent decades ruining my life, and now they just want to maintain it. Im in my 30’s- my sister is a successful doctor with a nice husband and kids- they all want to make sure i have nothing- no husband spouse or bf, no kids and they have it all. My sister has 1000 friends- she knows people everywhere. how crazy is it that i have no friends period and only meet more psychopaths and negative people. my wicked sister is supportive and kind to all her friends, everyone else, but calls me just to drain me and treat me like crap. when i was dating a lawyer she flew to my state to harass me and yell at me for it…

i hope this worthless b*tch rots in hell. as of now i can only write bad reviews online abt her through md websites- its the only kind of revenge I can get. saying to a narc how can you do those things to me, is reacted only with nothing- blank. She is so evil- an oppressive monster- how weird that shes been to other countries to do charity work. Even counselors won’t help you…no one cares. My mother is worse, but she and my sister together are two devils. When my mother abuses me, i ask my sister to tell her to stop and my evil sister doesn’t care.


Debbie September 27, 2016 at 2:48 pm

My family situation is pretty identical to what you’re describing. Trying to find people who understand this family dynamic has been difficult, except online. I’m always searching for a support group, local to where I live, but I can’t find one. I’ve read posts all over the internet so I know that we’re not alone in dealing with this but the thing of it is nobody can really connect. I also seem to be a magnet for narcissistic men and even have drawn narcissists as dare I ever referred to them as “friends”… which I found out was because I subconsciously accept their behaviors because I was raised with narcissists. They are crazy-makers. I’ve been the family scapegoat, all of my life, while my mother and sister and now her adult daughter are like a “triad” of evil…heartless, cold, and they don’t give a damn if I died tomorrow…all despite my attempts to negate their cruelty with my own kindness, they are no less the type of narcs to just hang up, refuse to answer…just shutting me out as they have. They refuse to see their own guilt. So I just get shut out. When anyone asks if I have a family, I have to say “no”, because they treat me worse than a stranger. It has really ruined my self-esteem and negatively affected my life. I wish the majority of people could understand how hard it is to come from this family dynamic. It is excruciatingly painful, especially because I could never have children or family of my own to love and forget these b**ches. Oh, they are terrible!


Kelley October 13, 2016 at 9:59 am

I so can relate to you guys. I am the scapegoat of my narcissistic mother and sister. People can’t believe the horrible things they have done and said about me and my husband and kids. They want you to think that you are the crazy one. For me I have little to to contact with either of them. They love to tell lies about me and my family, so its best that they no nothing about my life. It is how I survive in this dsyfunctional family.

God is my strength and I have my husband and kids and that is all I need know.

It’s nice to know, that I am not alone in this world with these type of crazy people. They treat their own blood like crap and strangers like royalities.



shalisha alston November 12, 2016 at 7:20 am

Don’t worry. Eventually, these people end up turning on each other. I had to extricate myself completely from my sick family especially my mother.

I came from 9 siblings and my parents, especially my mother pitted us all against each other. I was the scapegoat, but no more. I go to alanon and ACOA (Adult children of alcoholics) as well as private therapy. This has been a major help for me. I also found a new family there.


Diane February 7, 2017 at 6:33 pm

Hallelujah. I am not alone.


joy March 4, 2017 at 12:35 am

My friend. Have 3 home her what her touch the letter box and change lock say hee nor family. Home but. Is the family. Home for 34 year change her gust room but not can I help her


concerned April 1, 2017 at 1:05 pm

Look everyone, somewhere in this whole thing their is a social thread. They get something, or they set a pattern for every one not to follow – too fall in too.

I admit this starts with the mother. In my mom’s family her parents had 10 kids. the father was fairly successful. At the time growing up in the 19-teenns, my mom was born in 1911, for context, she was a year old when the Titanic crashed. She was tall, resembled her father, so she went to the saw mill every day with him and her four older brothers. they doted on her. Attention was what she lived for. People might say that i am a Narsis, mother. Well I wasn’t . Everyone talks against you if you do not sit and chat. My mother became angered when I could not chat. I was the one who lived in the same town with her, was her last kid, born when she was forty years old, I was a single mother, I had to juggle kids, with the older two growing to be teens and hating my younger-ones only because the evil rival sister, the third daughter of my mothers five kids was jealous. So here is the buz. Pat is never home, she is always working. She leaves theses kids with Mom, well mom asked Pat to leave the kids there to help her, well why does she have to go to college, she never talks to you does she mom, how much money does she make, how can she shop at high end stores look at her labels, she buys expensive clothes for the kids too.

I think that is enough for you to get it.

So the rival sister, who declared herself my rival although I can’t figure out what we are rivaling for. She talks to my older kids and lo and behold the older girl develops a hate for my younger child even though she is 12 years older. And you know those expensive clothe for the kids. was mostly Uniforms keeping the older kids in Private School, the younger did not finish in private school because the rival’s caused so much contention that , a probate property [civil war] held in court helped the lawyers to live well for 22 years, they harassed the two younger kids to horror , my health deteriorated under the stress of false accusations and on and on. –
So the Pattern starts with my mother and her need for unabashed attention, To an older sister jealous, she talks to my older daughter, leaving out way too many details
suffice to say – the problem may not be a mom who has to work.


crystal January 9, 2017 at 10:21 pm

I can relate my family are flying monkeys for my evil narcissistic mother. She makes up lies that are down right sick and they talk about me amongst each other. I’m in the dark till i find out from one of her minons when they get mad at her. It’s a no win. I don’t even go around them and I’m bashed. Why?


Angela "Michelle" S. January 17, 2017 at 1:40 pm

My heart goes out to you sincerely Michelle s.


Anonymous March 6, 2017 at 8:02 am

I totally understand …… I have had an entire lifetime of lies and more lies ….. I have forever been the scapegoat and forever been bullied by them all …… I was the only child out of 10 children to be given away and brought back when I was 3 it is horrible to go through the cruelty that I was constantly put through …… I became I’ll with cancer and found my siblings all of them to be supportive all but the 2 younger girls …… no surprise there ….. then as time went on I no longer let myself be treated so horribly and that did not sit well ….. their scapegoat had an opinion and a voice so now I am no longer welcome in their lives it’s very hurtful as family means alot to me …… perhaps it means alot to me because I never had one …… the kind you have with parents and siblings ….. however I have been blessed with a son and his family and a daughter and I have a wonderful husband and full circle of friends ……. life is good ty God


Micgelle March 21, 2017 at 3:41 am

I too am the scapegoat. I am 43 and am only now aware that I do not have to do life with my ” family” anymore. It is an incredibly painful journey. It’s heartbreaking. I do have support. I have one sister that I remain connected with, my husband and children and I do have s life coach who has been incredibly helpful. I also have one trusted friend whom I am so grateful for.
I’ve learned, unless my family recognize the patterns they are not gonna change. Therefore I can no longer wait or expect change to occur.
I’m moving on. Focusing on the people that love me for me, the things I love to do and taking care of my soul.
It’s a rough road to recovery but I’ve brtn told and I see already it will be best for ” me”. And that’s okay!


Laura November 21, 2016 at 8:04 am

Dear Jenn,

I’m sorry you got, and continue to get, the crappy end of the stick. There’s absolutely nothing worse than having people who ought to love and support you doing the opposite, trying to tear you down.

I am sorry that your sister still treats you badly. No excuse for THAT!

I’m also saddened that you feel that sniping at her on physician review websites is the only way to feel like you’re getting back at her.

Instead of being just like her and your mom, why not try the absolute BEST way of getting back at them?

The BEST way to get back at people who tear you down, is to build yourself up into the best person you can be! That’s exactly what they don’t want…for you to be a successful person.

Being successful doesn’t mean going to medical school or getting an MBA. It means becoming comfortable in your own skin, being strong enough to say, “I’m my own person, I’m fine the way I am.”

Then you will be beyond their manipulations. You will not have to pick up that phone to listen to your sister’s laundry list unless you really want to speak with her!

This takes a lot of time and hard work to accomplish, but if you do it, you will be free.


susieq December 31, 2016 at 6:10 am

What a beautiful posting, full of hope! Thank you! I read everyone’s postings and they all speak to my heart. Actually, my heart broke when I realized the emotional pain we have all been subjected to. Somehow, the way to freedom lies in moving beyond this pain and suffering. It is challenging to not retaliate. Retaliation, though extremely tempting when we have been so badly and repeatedly hurt, is very tempting but it is a temptation that will keep us bound in pain and confusion with no way out.
Taking those tentative first steps in your own shoes, in healing and getting the life you were born to have, is the way to freedom.
Do whatever it takes: therapy, self-help groups, etc. but do it!
It is New Year’s Eve tonight. Make this the year, the moment you decide to live and grow and heal. We can all do it! We are not alone.
Love for God, self and overflowing to a hurting world is the path to freedom and life.


Audrey Epstein September 26, 2016 at 2:24 pm

It is in my experience as the scapegoat, my golden child sister cut me off and I did her too because I saw her as abusive and personality disordered like our mom. She cut me off from her daughter. There is no hope in my family or my non family of hollow shells. Mother died just last Friday and I am with the realization the thin thread of connection broke with family of origin with her death. Only on Facebook I have a chatty relationship with my niece. That is all, there is nothing cultivated in the 18 years of her life. She is a social media addict, hollow, selfie addicted looking fashionable in pics with her good looking boyfriend, the model codependent beauties they are.

It is a sick family and I am better off without them. Nothing new, I knew that long ago. I lost hope and interest, keeping it real.


denise vangogh October 16, 2016 at 7:38 pm

Hi: I ‘get’ it. I’m the scapegoat too. Unfortunately, I was so destroyed that here I am at 57, left with a ‘thin’ connection (perfect description – by the way Audrey) and my false hopes that they’ll someday ‘love me’ – huh! It is by my own hand i pretty much destroyed myself into someone who never married, or had kids. i got caught up in drugs and struggle to this day with it. i just wanted to make the hurting ‘stop’ ya know? that’s all i ever wanted – well, once i realize how it just isn’t available (love, that is); it’s so hard to believe that it’s not the fact that – well, maybe i’m just ‘unloveable.’ My story is too long, but the suffering is the same…. ‘torture’ and more torment, on and on, day in and out. The cruelties and toughness of what my mother put me thru….left me a sorrow-filled wreck. Don’t mean to sound so gut churning-ly ‘down’ here, but narcissism, is no joke when you’ve got one for a mother.


Kim February 4, 2017 at 8:05 am

By digging deep, to find the original source of our pain, it IS painful, and horrible, and lonely. But it’s a journey only we alone can take, even while we’re surrounded by people. THAT is what makes it so lonely.

Once you’ve found the origins of your pain, and are finally… FINALLY allowed to FEEL it, FINALLY able to let it all out, and FINALLY able to validate your pain, you can finally start to feel the peace of healing and emerging from broken.

It takes time, be patient, loving, and forgiving of yourself. You are worth it!


Crystal February 8, 2017 at 7:56 am

Kim – Those were the best words of wisdom and inspiration I have heard in a LONG time.


scapegoat November 8, 2016 at 1:15 pm

I have words of hope for you. I was “the lucky one” because I got thrown out of the family for good. At first I was devastated, the Holidays were the hardest until I realized there was no fighting, no yelling and no sabotage. I began to plan my own fun: I took my husband and I and our children to Disney World for Christmas the first one. We had the time of our life! Then the 2nd Christmas we invited a family more poverty stricken than ourselves and we gave each a gift after Christmas dinner and we prayed together for one another’s problems. We ended up having so much fun, that we actually looked forward to the Holidays. We did this for years. I went to work during the day and computer school at night and landed a good job. Then I had trouble because my siblings who I was estranged from got extremely jealous and started trying to sabotage my job until a boss got wise to her and him – we weren’t allowed to associate with one another or they would be cut out of the family Will and thrown out too. God sent so many nice people to fill in for what we had missing. We still enjoy the holidays. I bonded instead to the siblings on the other side of the family and I could never bond to my siblings because of the way my parents pitted us against one another and forced competition and destroyed any bonding that tried to occur. Sometimes you have to adopt people into your “family of choice” and let go of the family of origin. I am old lady now but a happier one. There is hope. (I was the scapegoat in my family.)


Jennagoodacre September 26, 2016 at 3:06 pm

We are 6 sisters and my mother has been a narcissistic bitch for as long as we can remember. Only problem is that we are now adults who still live under the same roof. The ‘golden child’ has acknowledged my mother’s disorder and uses it to her advantage. Hell awaits these people.


Janet B May 20, 2017 at 1:41 am

I couldn’t have described it any better myself …


jo September 27, 2016 at 9:06 pm

I was only saying to a friend of mine yesterday how difficult it is to explain to someone who has not experienced a Narcissist environment what happens in them. People look at you with two heads when you tell them the battles and mind games that happen. I used to feel like I was the bady and making it up. I have lost my family I walked away 4 years ago next month. The sadness of not being able to have a family never leaves you. I know I have done the right thing walking away, and slowly I am rebuilding the self esteem that I never had and Boundaries (4 Years ago I didn’t know what they were). It is a real lesson in unconditional love learning for your self. I wish there was a quick fix to this sad predicament. It took many years to instill all this damage and I suspect it will take quite a few to come out the other side but come out of this and shine from this I will because I deserve love of self and happiness. I wish all of you on this journey courage and the belief that you can surmount this tragic ordeal. Go gentle but don;t ever ever give up on you.


Ariel Pearson September 29, 2016 at 4:29 pm

To all of you who were the scapegoat or forgetten child, know this– you are so much stronger for what you went through. It hurts still, but you at least know who you are, or are heading in that direction. Just the fact that you found this article is a clear sign of that. Your abusive siblings and your narcissistic mother are lost… they live in constant misery most likely — even if their adept at hiding it. The truth may be painful, but you gain so much from coming to a deep understanding about yourself, the role they played, and that it wasnt your fault. These people are ill-spirited and you are NOT. Even on your worst day youll never be as miserable as them. Maybe pray for them, but that does not mean you have to forgive and forget… i will never forgive my abusive mother, but at the same time, its different now. She can’t touch me emotionally anymore. I decided she has no power over me…


denise vangogh October 16, 2016 at 7:58 pm

Hi: I ‘get’ it. I’m the scapegoat too. Unfortunately, I was so destroyed that here I am at 57, left with a ‘thin’ connection (perfect description – by the way Audrey) and my false hopes that they’ll someday ‘love me’ – huh! It is by my own hand i pretty much destroyed myself into someone who never married, or had kids. i got caught up in drugs and struggle to this day with it. i just wanted to make the hurting ‘stop’ ya know? that’s all i ever wanted – well, once i realize how it just isn’t available (love, that is); it’s so hard to believe that it’s not the fact that – well, maybe i’m just ‘unloveable.’ My story is too long, but the suffering is the same…. ‘torture’ and more torment, on and on, day in and out. The cruelties and toughness of what my mother put me thru….left me a sorrow-filled wreck. Don’t mean to sound so gut churning-ly ‘down’ here, but narcissism, is no joke when you’ve got one for a mother.


Amanda September 29, 2016 at 6:13 pm

I appreciate reading your posts as I recognise the same feeling of exasperation in dealing with my elderly I believe Narcisstic mother…and most probably sister also.
I left home at the age 16 to escape Victorian morals I was being raised with in the 70,s, like the full Sunday School up bringing and then shaming expected from a Christian moralist, following sexual molestation by an adult man at age 13.
That event shaped my life from the day it happened, and I did not , have never received a compassionate response from my mother…I would have ended in a brothel if I had listened to her.
She has never been one to turn to for nuture in my conscious memory, and I am now midlife and becoming involved with the stage of her life that requires support… for her to comfortably remain in her home.
My life as her eldest daughter has been a solo journey from the point of view of having a Mothers influence, as she has always competed with me…and enjoyed the power plays and smokes and mirrors of manipulative and divisional games within the family.
I see her as a spider. with the many threads shes pulled and shaped into the web of her creation … and I see her power to disguise her games slippin away…and also the results of some of her choices becoming settled and permanent…not able to be portrayed in any other way than as they are.
It takes a long time to grow up, become aware and truely separate from the characters we call family… not under any illusions anymore.
I give thanks to the great spirit, residing beyond the apparent waking state of family drama, awakening in me the truth of my equal worth in the eyes of God… something I never heard from the lips of any family member…
Thank you for my awakening realization.Arohanui.


Shells September 30, 2016 at 11:06 am

I am the scapegoat of a narcissistic mother who has created such a horrible family environment, I just can’t bring myself to go back to even visit anymore. Thankfully I live several states away and am very independent and happy with my life here. But it’s still painful. My sister and I have never had a close relationship, and I believe that my mother’s narcissism contributed to that. I am the classic scapegoat and my sister is the classic golden child. My mother has turned 2 of my siblings so against me that they harassed and even physically threatened me. Now she expects me to fix it or she’s cutting me out of the will. I have zero desire to fix any of it. I have finally realized that this is not love, nor will it ever be. She attacks me, and when I fight back, she tells everyone how horrible I am. She tells everyone that I need help all the time because of an abortion that I had over 30 years ago. But being the classic narcissist, she has NEVER stepped foot into a psychologist’s office because nothing is her fault. I’m the problem.
I’m sad that this is how things have turned out with my family, but I’m moving on.


annie October 3, 2016 at 8:42 am

SHELLS I also am the scapegoat, second child of four, 61 yrs old. My father was the abuser, physical and emotional. He died in 2008, my mother should have went to therapy then but I did. She was angry and frustrated and just drove me up the wall! My panic attacks had started up again so after a year I went NC. We reunited in 2013 but now since May it’s NC, for the last time! She was a co dependent and always lived in my father’s shadow. So now, she acts like him. Demands, expects without any consideration about my feelings. She didn’t always say what was on her mind but when she did, in the doctor’s office telling me that if my brother wouldn’t be at my Easter supper, she would not attend. And continued with my other siblings. Triangulation. My alcoholic brother came back in our lives after 35 years because his wife died. We had forgiven him but he screwed up again, disrespected my mother, my husband and myself so I cut ties with him after realizing that he wouldn’t change. For her, it’s all forgotten. Of course, she hadn’t and my sister, the baby was talking about forgiving again. How many times, no way!


TheScapegoat October 1, 2016 at 1:43 pm

I know what it is to be “that” child — the Scapegoat. In a family of 4, boy-girl-girl-boy, I was the the 3rd kid and the youngest for nearly 8 years. We hadn’t been happy really before my younger brother was born but when he came along, it was as if christ had risen again. He really was the golden child. But don’t misunderstand me, I loved him dearly and always realized that it was in my mother’s head that he was that special and I never resented him, I only resented HER for being that way with him and not us older 3. This wasn’t the “youngest child” being spoiled, this was TOXIC. He got absolutely everything and we got nothing of the extras that all kids usually get — swim lessons, scouts, summer camp, music lessons of all kinds not just piano, special teachers, and he was never spanked, punished, hit, grounded or screamed at like the rest of us. He was immune. As for me, I was a rebel in a disturbing, volatile and toxic family. Passive, inept father who never intervened. Older brother was schizophrenic and molested and battered me. Older sister sided with him like a coward to avoid being harmed herself. So she began to help him. I had no one protecting me, ever in my entire life. My mother called me all kinds of names and it started when I was little with “scatterbrain”, “dawdler”, “slowpoke”, “daydreamer”, to insulting my hair, my legs, my laugh. I couldn’t do or BE anything right. As a teen, I became a “trollop”, a “tramp”, a “lush”, an “alcoholic” (I never was), “useless”, “aimless”, “goddamned bitch”, “liar”, “sick”. She smashed a wet cigarette all over my face once. She blackened my left eye. She hit me on the head with my own shoe. When I had a rash once, my sister came to me to say that my mother had said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a syphilitic rash”. Sister used to take pleasure in repeating what my mother said about me…that she thought I was an alcoholic, a tramp, etc. When I was running the bath water once my mother hollered, “Go ahead and wash yourself you goddamned tramp, you’re going to be a prostitute by the time you’re 21”. Those words are burned into my brain, and all of them are. I can’t forget. She told me I was incapable of love, had no compassion, that no man would ever have me, that I was unemployable … and the list goes on. To this day, I’m the “crazy” one in the family and it’s all a pack of lies that I’m telling. None of this ever happened. My sister is the same insulting, spiteful, scornful person as my mother. Example: Once I jokingly said that if we lived under the same roof, “sparks would fly”. Sister lied and told others how disturbed I was because I said “KNIVES” would fly. Gaslighting! I know what it’s all about. My family doctor told me that I’m probably the most reasonable and intelligent, self-aware one in the whole family and says it’s best to keep my distance from them. It;s difficult for me to have no family, but then I never really did anyway, did I? Thanks for listening. Oh, PS — I’m 65 years old now and the pain is still there. I think I had a milder form of PTSD when I was younger. I had panic attacks, depression, anxiety, hyper-vigilence, and a bit of detachment when I was young. Now, I have all the bitter and grievous memories of a torn life, and a depression that never went away. But I do have peace and I wish the same for all of you.


Debbie October 4, 2016 at 7:10 pm

I’m 46, never found a decent man so I never married (I’ve come to the realization that I always attracted narcissistic men who treated me much the same as my family), and I’m childless, not by choice…but what you wrote about your mother and sister really resonates with me. Both of mine were equally as “evil” and abusive. The ties are permanently severed between them and me… and as people have told me, I will probably will never get over the grief, but they say I never had a family anyway… and they’re right about that. Most of what your mother said to you was also said to me, in so many words. My sister was always her little minion. I was insulted and bullied by them both, and even into my adulthood, they don’t care about me at all. In fact, they scapegoated me, all of my life, and then when I finally reached the breaking point where I could take no more, I called them out on everything and their response? They cut me out of their lives, before I had a chance to severed ties with them first! *hard sigh* It has been one year, now, and I miss my sister’s children. But I don’t miss the rest of the family. Rather, I miss never having a family to begin with. *Hugs* to everyone on this message board who has also been a casualty of their own family. I pray that God will give us the strength to keep going…and that if we lack true friends to understand and support us emotionally, that we find good people to be our patchwork families.


jen October 6, 2016 at 5:39 am

“Rather, I miss never having a family to begin with.”. You hit it exactly. Love to you and screw them all :-).


D October 24, 2016 at 11:47 am

I’m 42, the oldest-child of three, and the scapegoat. My sisters and I were constantly being compared to one another, and they were programmed to feel animosity towards me, that throughout the years, just grew into rage and hatred. As adults, our relationship as siblings has been strained at best, and non-existent for the most-part.

Like you, I haven’t found a man to share my life with, and I haven’t had kids. Before I was 10, I had already suffered physical and sexual abuse. But the worst, has been the emotional and mental torture I’ve had to survive at the hands of my NM. I got kicked out of my house for the first time, when I was 16, b/c I had been taking laxatives to loose weight, you see, my NM thought I was too fat. I eventually came back, as I was an honor student and was very much looking forward to graduating HS and going on to college. She made that nearly impossible for me, and at 19, I got kicked out again. I was told “I made her miserable, made my sisters miserable, and that there would be no one in this world who would ever want me”. I was homeless for a while. I eventually graduated college, and moved away. That was when we had a semi-peaceful relationship. We were in the low-contact phase. Then, I realized that most of my relationship with men, where a mere reflection of my relationship with my mom. I figured that if I wanted to have healthy relationships, I needed to fix my relationship with my mother.

I moved back to live closer to her. She went to therapy with me a few times, she stopped going, and I became the diagnosed patient. After trying for a few years (praying, therapy, you name it!), I realized that nothing I did was going to change our relationship. I decided to go no contact, and I moved away again, to re-start my life. Then, my grandfather died, and I got pulled back in to the family dynamics. Last year, we were all on vacation together, my sister (the golden child) was a bully, my mother was putting me down every chance she got, and I had a friend with me who saw it all. She validated so much of what I had been feeling, and made me realize I wasn’t crazy. She gave me the strength to walk away then and there.

My little sister got engaged during that trip, and month’s later, she invited me to the wedding (even though no-one in my family had been talking to me, except for my grandmother). I declined the invitation, and sent her an e-mail reinforcing my decision from years ago, to go no contact. The wedding was this past weekend. Family friends, estranged family members (even our Dad showed up!), and my sister’s friends were there (destination wedding). Seems like the only one missing was me.
Your words: “I miss never having a family to begin with”, ring so true. But I can’t help but feel awful about not being there for her.

I know going-no contact is the right decision, as I hope to finally free myself from the needless suffering, so I may have a real chance at having a soul family (even if it’s patched together) with new friends (and dare I even hope for a man) who I can be in healthy connection and relationship with. I just want my life to count for something more than what it has been. I just noticed that so many women here who are scapegoats have never married and had kids. Wondering why that may be (besides the obvious) and how other scapegoats have been able to overcome their pasts to create the type of family they never had?


H October 30, 2016 at 5:25 am

Yes, I’d noticed that too, D. I’m another one. Unmarried, no kids and middle aged. Because for me, family was a place of pain, not of refuge.


Debbie November 21, 2016 at 11:26 am

Your quote about family being a place of pain and not of refuge is absolutely spot on.

dbcwyy December 23, 2016 at 3:27 pm

I had the scapegoat situation. Here are some sayings I say to myself that I thought up. They help me when dealing with family or unknown people. These should be obvious, but they weren’t to me!
1. Rejection Does Not Equal Affection. If someone is rejecting me, I don’t respond by giving them affection.
2. Don’t Demean to Be Seen
3. If Someone Gives you an Apple don’t Drop it on your foot…. Accept it. (Don’t refuse compliments and positive things or denigrate yourself saying you don’t deserve it.)
4. It’s Not Smart to Fall Apart
5. You Have the Right to Remain Silent
6. Don’t Pour Fondant on Everything. It takes Energy Out of You, and Nobody Likes Fondant. (don’t be sweet in reaction to sourness and sugar coat everything.) (See 1. and 2)
7. Separate their doo-doo from your Do


jen October 6, 2016 at 10:48 am

Scapegoat – I really hope you are getting counseling. What you describe above is beyond horrible. I am so sorry you went through this and I hope you break off all contact with them. God bless you.


Shannon March 18, 2017 at 9:55 am

I can relate to this so much it’s frightening. Frightening in the way that’s it’s absolutely horrendous how many people have gone through this hell. Because these narcissists never get put in their place, god forbid if we even try to tell them how they hurt us the wrath we get. My mom has hated me my entire life. At 34 I am still stupid enough to have moved back in here and continue to endure daily verbal and emotional abuse. Everything I do and have done is wrong, EVERYTHING I do is “mental” and “sick” and I’m “a mental retard” and a “sickening freak.” I’m always being told “what kind of a person I am” and “who I act just like” and how I’m just like my dad and grandma and this person and that person. When I succeed in “licking my bosses a**hole” when I am having a good day going about my business and playing with my son, she has to tell my sister’s how rude I’ve been all day and had an attitude and rolling my eyes and slamming stuff around, etc. I mean it’s literally BLATANT LIES. Completely made up stuff to make me look bad when I’m absolutely just minding my own business. As a teen she would beat and punch me “because I had an attitude” and then when I would go to the basement where my beloved pet birds were (I wasn’t allowed to go to school or have friends so my birds were everything) and sob for an hour and contemplate suicide, she would follow me down relentlessly continuing the screaming and telling me I “wanted to have sex with my birds and lick the s**t off the bottom of their cages.” I mean how do you explain this to normal people?? My sisters have been brainwashed that I’m this sick horrible monster of a person even though I’ve never even had a life at all, I still do everything wrong and they feel the constant need to tell me what a “pathetic loser” I am. My one sister is my mom’s golden child, an extreme narcissistic and BULLY just like my mom. She’s an abusive control freak who is SOOO much better than everyone, that just like my mom, she is extremely angry all the time to the point of getting violent when she cleans the house (all her own messes) because we’re all a bunch of retards that she has to clean up after. It never ends, it never ever ever ends. They control everything and insist on doing everything themselves but then get enraged because “they have to do everything themselves.” INSANITY!!!


jen October 5, 2016 at 3:31 pm

My narcissistic Mom died last year. I was the scapegoat for years because I refused to play into her game and about 6 months before she died she made the “golden child” the scapegoat. Basically tried to disinherit my sister and turned on her for absolutely no reason. I wasn’t close to my sister (me being the scapegoat and her being the golden child), but I clearly see she did absolutely nothing wrong to have turned into the scapegoat. My other 2 siblings ganged up on her and treat her horrible. I feel guilty that she became the scapegoat and it was no longer me. How crazy is that? I feel horrible and guilty for not being emotionally abused. I reached out to all of my siblings hoping that with her death we could initiate a relationship but they want nothing to do with me. I am fairly sure my Mom told them to have nothing to do with me after her death. I know she insisted I not invite my newly scapegoat sister to my son’s wedding (Um.. he is 12). And since I am venting…. when I was 19 I was raped at college. Not only did she not help at all when I told her, but she yelled at me saying this was harder on her than it was on me and then she told my siblings that I lied about it. So i am now in my 50s and I have never gone to anyone for help, ever. I am fine now – good marriage, great kids, good job but the truth is I am happy my Mom is dead and I would like to never see my siblings ever again.
Can anyone relate? I don’t normally tell anyone this but I think I really needed to vent I guess. Thank you!


Judy October 16, 2016 at 5:35 pm

I can relate. I have recently pulled away from my family after the final straw involving my mother pitting my brother against me. I’m 58 years old and still entangled in this sickness. I miss not having a family but need to save myself.


Marie Myers October 9, 2016 at 7:50 am

My sister murdered my mom…they both loved or thought they did love of money…
I had no legal recourse to help my narcissistic mother get out of ny sister take diwn of my mother’s demise…
Pamela Michele Brewer is my younger sister…
My mom was never physically abusice to her…my sister Debbie who died at 17 years old and myself she was abused physically and mentally…
My sister wanted me involved in murdering my momma starting back in December 2015…I had only spoken to her 2 times in 2 years then in December 2015 2 hours…
I never knew my momma was missing for 3 1/2 weeks til my cusion Janet Ward texted me to tell me my sister Pamela has removed her from her home…she went anandot temp legal guardianship of my mon…back 2006 my mom gave power of attorney of paper work 2010 gave Pamela medical power of attorney….her and husband both knew what they wanted to do to my momma…my sister never changed her evil ways fron being 19 years old a naked dancer and prostitute and a kept woman by a Columbia drug cartel…1986 I asked Jesus Christ into my has NOT BEEN EASY FOR ME …yes i have apart of a past I want to forget…MY SISTER since then has always been about money…my momna chooses her …my momma was a master of manipulation and she taught Pamela to be master of master of manipulation…My momma was moved severak times…my mom was driving and was going to get married.. My mom bought tge home where my sistet and her family live at…they put $35,000.00 in a pool and landscape…my mom $250,000.00…
It’s a very sad time for me…I was never after cash….a helping hand would of been nice but iver all I wanted my momma to LOVE…To know what LOVE IS…and my sister…
My mom ended up on about 40 pills…
MY CUSION SANDY S…WAS INVOLVED TO HELP MY MOM SELL THAT HOUSE BECAUSE OF MY SISTER’S. BEHAVIOUR….NOT GETTING INVITED TO OBE OF 2 GRANDSONS BIRTHDAY PARTY…SHE SAW THE PICTURES ON FACEBOOK…She always went she was up to it….You know all these years I still wanted to believe my sister was helping my momma…she helped her all right .. Costa RIca off shore banking….my mom saud Ronald Kirk Brewer is a money hidder.. I told my mom to move to Oregon…I said get your self a nice 5 th wheel and a car.. Live at both locations this has ALWAYS BEEN OPEN TO MY MEAN NARCISSIST MOM…WHO I MISS AND LOVE…I HAD TO SEE MY MOM DYING RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES I COULD DO ZERO..NO ONE HELPED ME…MY MOM MADE IT THAT WAY…AND UPON MY MOMMAS DEATH THEY GET THE HOUSE…IT IS NOT ACCIDENT MY MOMMA DIED WEEKEND BEFORE SEEING THE JUDGE…
MY SISTER PLANNED THIS…AND SHE WABTED ME ON HER SIDE…I PRAY THAT NY NARCISSISTIC SISTER AND ALL INVOLVED GO TO PRISON. ..RONALD’S MOTHER JOY GONZALEZ who was a nurse in mental institution put her own daughter away vecause she was a problem in the way if Pamela and Ronald and Joy’s way…my cusion Janet said my sister wanted my mom to put me away….you see ALL ABOUT MONEY…I NEVER REALLY KNEW THE TRUE MEANING OF NOT SERVICING 2 MASTERS…
GOD AND MONEY….IN THE BIBLE IT WRITES YOU WILL HATE ONE….TODAY I LOVE JESUS CHRIST…Respect of money for help to live on planet earth but….I WOULD NEVER KILL FOR IT…thank you…and bless you…Marie Myers


Bud October 18, 2016 at 8:25 pm

Grew up in a narssist family. I was the only one who refused to play the games, but I didn’t know it wasn’t normal because I swear my parent was at least second generation of this mess. Hacking Facebook to make sure nothing was said that could be misconstrued and turned into drama, talking bad about the other parent(s), outright lying about things but insisting everyone else (me) were crazy liars and how that parents life was ruined. My mother would leave me with sick children and go out with her friends, knowing that I’d have yo call her at some point and hear her in the background crying about how “she can never get away, her horrible children won’t leave her alone!” And whomever would answer calling me an “ungrateful little bitch” (15 years old) but wouldn’t tell them she’s been out every day that week. She’d throw herself in front of my stepfather car, “fall” off the porch, try to pull the oven out to clean (which she only did around company) and manage to break her arm because US ungrateful kids wouldn’t help her(we knew better than to get involved because it would have been one of us that dropped the oven), break a mug and cut herself(again, company) tell the other kids I said I hated them or that the can of tuna that had been in the cupboard a year was their dinner and I ate it(she didn’t cook), lie to my grandpa about needing money, allowed men in the house with daughters living there(don’t need to explain what started happening) told kids i wasn’t at work when I was(or vice versa), you name it. I grew up knowing no one cared about me. US sisters aren’t close, she still has them tell her anything that is said by anybody(I don’t play that) and my brother is absolutely convinced I abused him as a child and one of my sisters still does her attacking for her, another does exactly as she did. None of us are whole because of her. Plus, she kept trying to have me committed and every time, they would tell her she was the problem. My dad is one of her favorite targets, he’s toxic too, probably because of her. This is the only place I can say anything at all without her finding out and victimizing herself. Thank you.


Marion October 26, 2016 at 11:32 am

I’ve always been the punch bag for my entire family ever since I can remember. When I was a kid I used to go and stay with a kindly aunt just to escape the abuse. Everything was my fault I have an older sister who can do no wrong and a much wanted younger brother. As the middle child I was constantly starved of attention – even though I was the most sickly one due to an undiagnosed heart condition. My mum died several years ago and it wasn’t until after she died I realised how hard it had been. I must have been in denial because as a naughty child I was always being asked at school if there was any trouble at home, which of course there was. When my mum was dying my sister and brother completely ostracised me and tried to stop me visiting her saying that she wanted that. You can imagine how heart broken that made me. Fortunately my dad was still alive and gave me support. I then looked after him for 3 years until his death. Again my brother and sister turned against me and didn’t speak to me for a year and a half. It was all very painful – fast forward a couple of years and my sisters husband died. Again ithings have turned hostile, I have tried to be helpful but all my offers of help are always refused apart from minding her dog – says it all really. My brother is there every day and she says he’s the only one watching her back even though ive tried so hard. She calls me crying but when I offer help she refuse it making me feel so guilty. I have tried talking to her about it but she denies it saying how could I when she’s just lost her husband. It’s like torture. The trouble is I love my brother and sister and always want to help them. I wish I could walk away and go no contact but it scares me. It seems my sister has got everyone where she wants them – I need to get away but finding it hard atm because of the situation. Thank you!


erin November 22, 2016 at 9:07 am

Marion, there is something in the tone of your message that is just like I am feeling that I am thinking it has something to do with being raised in a narcissistic family. The always feeling guilty part. You should see a counselor just to talk through that guilt. You have absolutely nothing to feel bad about. I see it clearly but you can’t see it within your own life. I have a sister who lives out of state and we would make plans when she was coming into town. Every time I would cancel my plans to spend time with her and every time she would cancel at the last minute (about 30 minutes before she would arrive) because of bad weather, getting a late start, whatever. I was always nice and understanding when she cancelled. She would then call me while she was driving back home as she was on the expressway about 5 minutes from my house and leave a message seeing if she could stop by. Well, I am a working mother and would be at work and wouldn’t get the message until the evening when I got home. Then of course she would tell everyone (not me of course, just everyone else) how much I hurt her for not getting together with her while she was driving home and everyone had to tell me how much I hurt her. I would feel horrible and so guilty. Even though I rationally knew how stupid it was to feel guilty when she was the one who cancelled every time. So, I am really trying to work on these frustrating feelings of guilt.

The best thing (although I know this is tough) is to just break contact and know that it is not your responsibility to make these people happy and most importantly that you are doing nothing wrong. Good luck. I know, easier said then done but you deserve happiness!


broken November 10, 2016 at 10:19 pm

I was the golden child. I couldn’t understand why she would yell at my 3 sisters and just knew it made me feel terribly guilty and confused. That being said, my mother couldn’t control herself around me either. My earliest memories are of my mother shaming me and wondering what was the point of life at about 5 years old.

I became her caregiver at age 12. I then became a professional caregiver, married a man with BPD so I could unconsciously live out this reality forever – that of someone who was merely put on this earth to serve. This is an unfullfiling, painful role only someone with absolutely no self esteem would perform. Additionally, I now truly believe she was nice to me so that she wouldn’t end up old, alone, in a nursing home.

My mother constantly lies to turn us against each other. So sick. None of my siblings have any relationship with each other – except two of the sisters actively hate me and tell lies about me. I had to delete FB because I have stolen from them (no), stolen their identities (no), etc.

I continued to care for my mother until I was 40 years old. I became gravely ill and could no longer give her money, massage her ego, drive her, etc. She started sending me hate messages and told my extended family a bunch of lies. She has always controlled me until I got ill… being bedbound meant I was abandoning her.

Now I am the scapegoat and my sisters are the golden children. But I think they will find that role soul destroying, too, because we all know the favoratism has nothing to do with the child…… it’s all about the mother. I wasn’t the favorate because I was a better child, and now Im not the worst because I am a terrible person. Our “role” is decided by her, and she’s still the director of the movie today. It’s hard to remember that when it feels so personal.

I just wish they would stop their smear campaign on social media and with our aunts, uncles, etc.I have lost my entire extended family except my brother.


Debbie November 16, 2016 at 12:17 pm

You wrote, “My mother constantly lies to turn us against each other. So sick. None of my siblings have any relationship with each other – except two of the sisters actively hate me and tell lies about me. I had to delete FB because I have stolen from them (no)…etc.” I can relate EXACTLY to what you’ve stated there, nevermind that it’s my only sister and her adult daughter who “actively hate me” because of my mother’s lies. I have tried to explain this to my current boyfriend who cannot believe that any family could be capable of such hatred and malice, nor can he imagine it because his family is relatively normal. I am about to break up with him because he said, “Nobody’s mother would ever do that to their daughter (meaning “me”, of course), unless they did something to deserve it.” AH!!! I am so disgusted with him for saying that!! My closest friends know the truth…but trying to explain this to people, once they get to know me, they still question whether it’s believable. Now he looks at me like I must be the crazy one… just like my relatives do because of my mother’s lies. Especially around the holidays, everyone is particularly family oriented. I am the most depressed during this time of year, despite the whole thing depresses me year round. But I so definitely relate to many of you on this message board. I wish people (esp. my relatives) would believe that this is the truth but they just can’t believe it. I have always been the scapegoat….


Abegail November 17, 2016 at 5:00 pm

Looking back now, I think growing up, my sister and I were BOTH golden and scapegoat children. Our roles would chop and change, depending on what the situation called for in order to tow us in line. But because we both saw the other as the golden child, and we both saw ourselves as the scapegoat, that drove an even bigger rivalry.

My sister was the golden child by way of “she is so smart. Look at all her awards. She’s a natural leader.”

I was the golden child by way of “she is so pretty. She is such a good girl. She is always nice and quiet, and very agreeable.”

So in my eyes, I was never smart enough. If I didn’t get awards, I was a failure. And OMG, in primary school my sister was the School Captain in the year above me, and she received a leadership trophy from the school; so if I didn’t become School Captain the following year, I would be a failure. Nothing I did was ever good enough, so I ended up making everything a competition, and show my bitterness at anyone I perceived to be achieving more than me. I also found myself in deep depression, especially around my birthday; every year I got older, and no matter how much I had accomplished in that year, I still felt inadequate.

In my sister’s eyes, she was never pretty enough, so she always put me down and made me insecure about my looks to the point that now as an adult, I have so many body insecurities that people think I’m just fishing for compliments. She also went around to all our relatives (cousins, aunties, uncles, anyone who would listen to her), telling them that I was the favourite, and that I was a fake, and I was a bitch that hated everyone. To my face, she would pretend to be my protector. She said everyone hated me, and that she was the only one that liked me. She was the only one I could trust. If one of our cousins invited her out somewhere and they extended the invitation to me, she would tell them that she’ll pass on the message to me, but never did. So when she rocked up to the party and I wasn’t there, she would tell them that I didn’t want to come. “I told you she was a bitch that hated everyone.” This bit of information only came to light years later when she had a falling out with one of my cousins, who told me that that’s what she had been telling them about me.

Favouritism in both our eyes were always that the other was the favourite:

My parents would buy my sister all these things, and I would just get discards of what she didn’t want. She got a laptop, where as I got an iPad Nano. She got 2 cars from my parents – one a used one, and later got upgraded to a brand new car because the cost of maintaining the used car got too expensive. They paid for her driving lessons. And when she moved out, she made off with almost all of the furniture, appliances, and entertainment system. Meanwhile, I paid for my own driving lessons, and I bought my own car. Any furniture given to me was completely mismatched from my house. Go inside my house, and you can spot straight away which ones I got stuck with.

However, my sister saw me as the favourite because I apparently “never got yelled at.” She was always getting into trouble and butting heads with my parents. As soon as she got her driver’s licence, she was never home, and my parents would do nothing but talk badly about her in front of me – what an arrogant, ungrateful daughter she was. I was always stuck at home – in my room either reading or watching TV. If I wanted to go out somewhere, my parents were always with me. How could I possibly get into trouble when I was the good little lapdog doing everything she was told?

When we had children of our own, my mother became the narcissistic grandmother to my sister’s daughters. I didn’t see it at first. I thought she was being the loving, attentive, helpful mother to her daughter. My Dad even commented how arrogant my sister was that she was competing with my Mum, like motherhood was a competition. I thought something was wrong with my sister. How could she treat our mother so badly after all the stuff she’s been doing to help her with her daughters?

It wasn’t until I had a daughter of my own that I started to recognise and understand. My mother was high-jacking my daughter. She would undermine everything I said, especially to do with my daughter’s skin and allergy conditions. Even though I had paediatricians, specialists and immunologists consulting with me, my mother would do the exact opposite of my instructions when she was looking after my daughter while I was at work. She made me feel bad because she “isn’t the hired help.” She constantly reminded me that she was looking after my daughter as a favour, and that I was so ungrateful and arrogant for not letting her do things her way. So I looked at my finances and decided to put my daughter in childcare/preschool. I’m paying them, so they have to follow my instructions as to my daughter’s care for her skin and allergies.

My mother was not happy! I was treating her like an imbecile. How arrogant of me! After all, she was a mother before me, so how dare I question her. How dare I deprive my child from a loving grandmother. After everything she has done, all the sacrifices she’s made – how could I be so ungrateful?

When my mother and my sister were at war with each other, I played my mother’s defender. My mother would come to my house almost every weekend, want to do things with me, and all that time have a bitch session about my sister. Now that I’m the ungrateful and arrogant one for standing up to her and choosing my child’s well-being over her ego, my sister is now her defender. My Dad died 2 and a half years ago. I believe he was the only one that was keeping my mother from becoming full-blown psycho, which she is now.

She even threatened that if I continue to restrict her hands-on role with the care of my daughter, she would do everything to destroy my relationship with my daughter, and make sure that when my daughter is older, she would resent me for keeping her away from her loving grandmother.


Marco November 20, 2016 at 6:49 am

Fortunately, my mother does not fit into this box. My father doesn’t either. But on occasion their selfishness does rear its ugly. It’s not a natural selfishness but one born of avoidance. I have a sister with what seems like a personality disorder. She fits the narcissistic definition as outlined in this article. She has since before puberty embarrassed, goaded, attacked, and played both of her children against each other and her extended family (my sister, parents, etc). In order to try to keep things from going nuclear (my absence that causes their social network to “talk”), I’ve sometimes been scapegoated by everybody (sometimes harshly and sometimes pleadingly) to back off from my absence during the holidays and family events where my dysfunctional sister will attend. Why I chose to stand firm in my convictions and follow through with my self-protection I can’t answer. My ex-wife has such a mother and she sent me this link. The damage is permanent in spite of the awareness.


kate November 28, 2016 at 4:11 am

I feel so hurt right now! I just overheard my mum talking badly about me to my brother then when I confronted her…..she denies it!! I have 3 older brothers and I am her only daughter yet she only cares for her son’s! They constantly disrespect her and I’m the one who is there making sure she has everything she needs yet I’m the bad one! Within my heart I feel a deep pain wondering how can your own mother ever do this to a child….her own daughter!!! I am afraid to speak to my husband about my feelings as I don’t want him to worry! He’s the most wonderful person ever and is my blessing. The sad part is that my mother always expects me to do my duty as a daughter and always expects my husband and I to do everything for her yet we are the ones she treats badly and speaks badly about!


Anonymous December 3, 2016 at 2:21 pm

Wow! Is all I can say. I’m totally the scapegoat. It’s nice to hear other pple wi go through this also. Such a great article.


ramblingal December 5, 2016 at 10:58 am

I am the scapegoat – the bad kid in my family. I believe one reason my ‘hero’ siblings are comfortable with our roles is that I make them ‘look good’ to our parents and friends. Who would want to lose their status! I think that’s why they don’t want to know me, be around me, as an adult. They don’t want to talk with me. Both won’t invite me to their homes. I think they are afraid their spouses, children, and friends will discover I’m actually a nice person, thereby spoiling the illusion of their perfection (superiority) and spoiling the lies they have told them about me. If i do one little thing wrong, they use it as an excuse to not invite me over, or not to contact me. My smoking was their excuse for decades. Yet, one of their close friends who visits their house almost daily has been a smoker for a few decades! I quit smoking years ago, yet that changed nothing. They still don’t initiate contact with me. I earned a BA degree, yet that didn’t’ change their, nor my parents’ perception of me either. I bought them christmas and birthday gifts and they almost never acknowledged receiving them. I just wanted to know if the gifts arrived. They don’t have to thank me, just let me know the gifts arrived safe and sound. I feel socially and emotionally starved by them. Like I’m withering on the vine, dying from lack of attention. And i believe she knows this- that she is subtly yet knowingly, neglecting me to death. But if my sister says something-anything nice to me-acknowledges me, I suddenly feel secure and grounded and happy- for a few weeks. This occurs only once a year or less. She treated my mom the same way. Although, my mom and dad were true villains.


Youcef December 11, 2016 at 3:35 am

I’m a 29 year old man and my younger brother is 25 years old now,

I was the golden child of my narcissistic mother, while he was the scapegoat (and still is),

Since I was a little child my mother would confide in me about her problems with my father, she would spend hours complaining to me about how awful my father was, and expect me to take care of her and comfort her, she would even confide in me about her sex-life, tell me how she didn’t want to sleep with my father and that he wanted it a lot, she would tell me about her pills of birth-control, etc, (all this when I was as young as 5 or 6).

So I grew up learning exactly how to take care of my mother’s emotional needs, how to be her confidant, how to listen to her complaints and comfort her, how to please her and how to avoid upsetting her (each time I contradicted her she would be very upset and shun me for weeks).

My younger brother on the other hand was of no emotional use to her, she didn’t confide in him, so he was both ignored and at times scapegoated by her, .. and the worst thing is that I helped her in scapegoating him, I would always take part of her denigrating him for anything, just to please her and have her approval, by helping her “educate” him.

My brother by age 20 developed a severe persecution neurosis, believing that people everywhere are trying to hurt him, and that everyone is talking badly of him in his back, and since then he lives with strong medication drugs, that limit his anxiety and persecution fears. And he still lives in my mother’s house, at 25, spending all day in his room, obviously with no work, no social life, nothing, despite his medication obviously still unable de to do anything by himself, and my mother seems to not care much.

My life isn’t quite better, even though I was the golden child and managed to leave the parental house, I still have severe social phobia, I’m very shy, unable to say “no” to anyone (since my mother taught me to never say no, and punished me severely anytime I contradicted her), so my relationships with women all turned quickly to me being completely dominated by manipulative women, who end up giving me orders and me obeying everything they ask, before they leave me when they are fed up. And my professionnal life isn’t quite better, my social phobia making me avoiding of casual contact with colleagues, very afraid of being criticized and judged, etc.

I used to feel very guilty for my brother’s condition (and I still do), since I know I contributed heavily to the moral harassment that eventually made him go mentally ill, but now I’m aware that my mother is the person really responsible for it, and it’s hard for me to forgive her and have normal relationships with her again.


DreamChaser26 December 20, 2016 at 7:13 pm

I have to say, I felt pretty validated by all of these posts. A lot of them made me cry and I felt like I could relate to a lot of it.

I was the Golden child and my sister called herself the black sheep. My mother had a horrible childhood and constantly played the victim and she had a superiority complex. Meaning, my sister and I were considered less important than dogs. My mother had done horrible things to me:

1) When my parents lost their jobs during the 2009 down fall, they couldn’t pay for my education and I was about to drop out of school if it weren’t my fiance today. She basically told me to sleep in my car to finish school. Also, my family has seven cars and yet they couldn’t sell any of them to help fund my education. I took out loans and finished my program through my own shire determination to help save lives because my mother wanted me too.

2) When I was eating out of 99 cent canned food, my mother would tell me on the phone how she would eat banana cream pies. Lovely, isn’t?

3) She would also tell me all of her issues in life, how her parents treated, and how sex was like with my father. She not only put me down and would state, “The world doesn’t revolve around you,” “Get off your high horse!” etc, it would cause me to rage. I would have rage fits with her and then she would get my father to corner me and apologize to my mother. For years this cycle continued and no matter who I went to go see (psychologically), doctors all blamed me and never my mother. Oh, she was good at playing her game and hiding all of her faults and making it seem like it was her children’s fault. Lovely, lady isn’t she?

4) I have dealt with suicidal feelings for 14 years. I’m not kidding. 14 year long years because I had to suppress my true self. I didn’t have a self-identity and I was my mother’s puppet. That is why I sometimes come off as if I’m mindless. You don’t need a mind if you are the golden child.

Finally, my boyfriend in college told me the truth about my family and helped me break out of the abusive cycle. However, it is still extremely difficult. The desire to have a healthy and happy family and especially a supportive one will never happen on my side. I have all ready told my mother off and my sister. My sister has become narcissitic like her and there is a strong possibility that she ended up doing drugs.

I have to say to all of the hurt individuals out there in regards to these disgusting family members is to do this:

Tell them off, distance yourself, and cut them off. Blood is NOT thicker than water. We pick and choose our family and we do not do vows to be with people who gave birth to us. I do not regret anything I have said to my family and I promise all of you that every single one of you deserve a better and healthier life. I traveled across country and left that BS behind.

Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless you All.


DIONNA December 23, 2016 at 10:39 am

I have the same issue, it seems my mother likes the drama, she doesn’t do anything to calm it , she just pits us all against each other, and then when I call her on it , I get called bitter , she yells says what she needs to say and hangs up the phone, she plays on all relationships. She always made my older sister feel like she wasn’t good enough or she was the problem child, and my sister feels like she treated me better. Now we don’t even have a relationship, she always put her parenting responsibilities on us, im not talking babysitting, im talking full blown left us, when she was dealing with her drug addiction, I used to feel sorry for her , but now I see it was just her she really acts…even now, I’m 35 , with 3 of my own children , and she still expects me to do for my youngest sister, and I don’t mind helping where I can, but she make you feel obligated , and not to mention, Im the only one in the family with multiple children, and im a single parent. But because I dint she says I treat my little sister as a outcast. this whole situation is so messed up. that’s just the tip of the iceberg!! I am so tired of the craziness if it all. Im just glad to know there are other people like this on earth, and Im not going crazy. To know the whole time I knew what I was talking about , her being her, but when I try to confront her and the issue head on. I get shut down like its me.


Kelly January 4, 2017 at 8:54 pm

I can surely relate to everyone on here!! Especially lady Jenn story almost like I could have written it myself! Prayers for me please I’m in a bad situation.


Kathleen Peterson January 16, 2017 at 6:04 pm

OMG!!! Your magnificent article provided so much
Light, information, and helped me to put the puzzle pieces of my family of origin work together. I sobbed on and off.I have 2 sisters and we are all
Estranged. I’m the scapegoat. And by God’s grace
I’m not like my parents. Thank you so much.


Ann February 2, 2017 at 6:21 am

Wow. After so many years, you have all hit the nail on the head.


Kimi February 4, 2017 at 2:37 pm

I grew up with a very scary mother with a severe narci personality disorder and the middle daughter of two sisters, each with their own mental health issues and narci behaviors. Unfortunately, they both, to this day, as the 3 of us go into our 5th decade, simply idolize our mother and insist upon her attention, which we all know she could care less. I was very young, around 7, when I realized that the problems in our home were caused by my mother’s presence. She went to Europe for 2 weeks and everyone got along, no fights, we were all fed, it was wonderful. That’s when I realized who our problem was, and it only intensified as we grow into teens (by then she had moved us across the country to isolate us from our grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins) and the resources had shrunk mightily–food, clothing, and the rivalry between us siblings increased. My older sister had depression and some kind of bipolar violent manic behavior and the little one was a prolific liar and would have emotional melt-downs and violent rages. She’s in jail right now, probably on her way to years in prison. The older one lost her job as a nurse with her addictions and violent behavior. I have a career, a home, a son, and I’m capable of long-term, healthy relationships. My shrink says my mother and sisters aren’t. Trying to move on from the loveless, violent, gaslighting childhood I endured into a place of peace and gratefulness.


Anonymous February 13, 2017 at 6:41 am

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Paul February 19, 2017 at 6:49 am

Thank you ….everyone, its a place where I can at last feel understood.

Isn’t it amazing how the bullies get away with it. But guess what… I struck back… no longer do I let them into my head to control me… now I use that energy as motivation to do what I WANT… NOW…. not later… they can’t hold me back anymore… in fact you know what…. as a survivor of a narcissistic parent(s) we (as scapegoats) have a special skill.. like no other… we have Empathy… and that’s a gift … really a gift .. understand that you have that special gift that the others do not have… You have the ability to give love to your children and thereby stop the continuation of the psycho-narcissistic crap that the bullies are stuck in… HaHa .. the bullies will never have that.
Now at 47… I know my special powers and as a Nurse and a Manager I give the best care that I can give and the best care that patients can ever receive, and also be a great colleague too and friend, and father. … And I allow myself to accept success now and don’t sabotage it anymore. … They cant get to me anymore and there is .. the other side, …and you can get there.. It just takes time, patience and sites like this that allow US to UNDERSTAND what it is that we are, and why we feel like this.


Hilda February 20, 2017 at 8:42 am

The ‘zero sum game’ – the triangle sounds so similar to me! My eldest bro was usually the ‘forgotten’ one, my second bro was always the Golden Child and I the victim. The forgotten one, when tried to rescue the victim, he’d shift into the victim role, then I would shift into the rescuer and the villain into the victim! Gosh! So disgusting and pitiful this is!
My brother and I have stopped playing the rescuer now that we’ve realized this: that whatever the NM or her darling son may say or do, we really give zero f*cks now. We just wanna make something of ourselves.


Anonymous February 22, 2017 at 3:12 pm

I am lonely and scared. None of this started until my father passed away. My mom always favored my younger sister but now she lies constantly. she is cruel and my siblings no longer give a shit
My brother told me he never wants to speak to me or see Mr again. I was in a violent car accident and not one member of my family called to see how I was
There is so much more to this story but I have been gaslighted slandered and so verbally abused
I have a wonderful husband and four children, I will be ok with oit them once I get past the grief. It is ironic that I a counselor and I can’t cope.


Kelly March 17, 2017 at 9:57 am

Bless u, stay strong and know your worth all those good qualities that make you you. Others are there just to test us and its soul damaging when it’s family, but know your with. X


Kris March 11, 2017 at 8:38 pm

This pretty much sums up my mom and my relationship with my siblings and now children. My mothers boundaries have always been horrible to boot. Ever since I can remember, I was never the ideal child. Lucky for my mom, my sister came along 13 years later and is my moms golden child. Years later, I have come to realize I have always been and always be the one that mom will throw under the bus. I can only pray that my daughter someday sees how much of a mess my mom really is.


Kelly March 17, 2017 at 9:40 am

So glad I came across this page, I feel for each and every one of you. And hope you all find your Spirtual strength to stay strong and rise above and be the best you can be.

I’ve had a harrowing 3years following the passing of my late mother. Although I did not have a close mother daughter relationship with my mum, due mainly to the fact that I saw through my mums ways and I did not conform to her way of thinking, and I take after my loving, generous father in so many ways. I think my mother punished me for this, but always said I was her logic and reasoning. My sister ( the golden child) on the other hand had a very close relationship to my mum she is her mirrored self; devious, vindictive, manipulate, envious, greedy, master of trouble causing. Then there’s my brother ( the lost one ) he was always a male version of myself: confident, successful, generous, ambitious, independent, we use to have a good relationship and have never fallen out that is until our mother was diagnosed with 3rd stage cancer. Oh how things changed, even whilst going through cancer the game playing my mother and sister carried out, was so much more intense than the usual family stained rivalry. Since my parents split our family was divided I was there for both my parents, my siblings on the other hand were all for mother, this breeded tension to be bestowed on me com them, when all I was doing was what any logical child would to thier parents. My word this is such a long story l, basically after all the hell I was put through being ostracised when trying to be there, staying quite about any issues that would arise, so as only to maintain peace. Give logical advise for it to only be ignored. To help out where it wasn’t reckonised or even noted. To want to interact on a social family level, where events were secretly arranged so me and my boys were no part of. It was getting very uncomfortable and depressing for me but I ploughed on being me with my mum as the priority ignoring my sister. When my mum died my relationship with my sister no longer existed, she burnt her bridges with me after her sycotic episode whilst our mum was dying. My brother seemed distant with me also. Then I learnt how I was to be punished by the wrathed of my mother with her two loyal subjects, it was all in the last will and testimony.
The last 3years have been the hardest years of my life and I thought losing my daughter would be the worst pain I would ever feel. i lost my mum my brother and my sister and also lost a huge part of me, well the old family character that I was but you know what, they all did me a favour, I’m free from all the bullshit and their controlling ways. We all gain strength from weakness and it’s so important to be true to yourself.


123heart March 28, 2017 at 10:58 am

I have a mother who enjoys the ri vary between my brother and I. I just found out she is very two faced and tells me my brother business and then she relays my business to him. She has the power over my brother to have him go against me. For example she tells him things that I only speak to her about and then instead of him being supportive. He attacks me. He will disrespect me if I don’t come and see him, and he never come and see me. He will call me a bad aunt. Not to mention he has 9 kids and he does not take care of any. He has no job, smoke in front of his kids and is abusive. I don’t say anything because it’s not my plcae. But he will attack me to no end. I have a husband, a son and we are a christian family. My mother is on her third marriage and my brother and her have something in common. They are both good at failing in life wheather it’s with relationships or just becoming wise to say I need to do better. I always felt my mother was envious of me. She has evil tactic ways and it has drained me. My brother and I will never be close as long as my mother is alive. She hates when I’m happy and feeds off my negativity. Of course I brought this to her attention. But when she told me I was not a good mother to my brother. I have disconnected myself from my family. No one deserve this treatment from their family or anyone else. But I am not in bandage anymore , they are.


Jacky April 2, 2017 at 12:02 pm

Reading about narcissistic mother’s is like light bulb going off. My mother is almost text book. My sister is her golden child and I’m the scapegoat. Growing up I felt exactly like what’s described. My brother came a close second to my sister but he didn’t look like my mother so he wasn’t as sister looks like my mother so she’s “from her family” translation “she’s the only one i want as my family”. She always played us off against each other. My sister is still trying to hold on to her perfect child status. She’s in her 40s now and it’s embarrassing to watch. If she’s at a family gathering she’s the most beautiful,witty, fantastic one there. Only my mother agrees it’s like they are blind to reality. My sister is the drunk falling over the tables in the short too small too young dress.if anything is said my mother jumps to her defense. Criticism towards my sister is a personal attack against my mother. My sister is her family she looks like her so nobody can try to help. They are both perfect.


Gina April 6, 2017 at 2:26 pm

Sorry to hear that. I understand completely. One of my siblings can do no wrong and I am constantly hearing about how perfect She Was is and will be. And of course if I just try to call her out on something all hell breaks loose.


LW May 16, 2017 at 10:39 am

Having moved away from a lifetime narcissistic family was a start for me. My sister, too, is and has been the “golden child” since as long as I can remember. Younger than me but as I have been reflecting it started when she was born – I was literally cast aside and ignored and treated as if I was invisible. My sister stared back a few years ago telling the town where I formerly resided that basically I was the cause and we (meaning she) didn’t see eye to eye on anything. Hmmm – strange as I visited to see friends and they did not believe her one bit. When I stopped to visit my mom I received no greeting or it’s good to see you – instead my mother opened the door, turned on her heal and walked away. Within a few minutes my sister arrived, of course not saying a word and while I was sitting on the steps to the front door proceeded to open and slam the door. Unfortunately, my daughter has become one of their flying monkeys – even though I have tried to remove her from the toxic environment (she is 42) – to no avail – she’s is part of the triangulation and dysfunction as well.
I have tried to keep some kind of open contact with my mother (I know you always keep hoping – but I am sure now that all is lost). She has not responded to cards (always sent-never forgotten birthdays, etc.), mother does not call or send me birthday cards; send mother Christmas gift – no acknowledgement and no calls/cards; for this Mother’s Day I sent her a card but via registered, signature only receipt to ensure she received (affirmative) as I thought perhaps she is being brain-washed which she has been for 20+ years after my father’s passing. Sister’s daughter become a convicted felon, served prison time – my mother keeps saying (20+ years) that she is trying. Mother caters to their every whim but then is condescending to me (20+ years) and I’m the one who has always held a steady job. Now, when I recently got sick (out of work for months) and let my mother know in writing I wasn’t doing well at all – she NEVER RESPONDED AT ALL. This pretty much tells me I am non-existent and invisible to her. My daughter is an entire different story – always trying to get information me to pass along – only a couple of years ago she was committed 3 times, then moved in with my mother, then moved back to her dysfunctional family – got divorced – went off all meds and stated her new doctor told her she didn’t need any treatment. Now she is back with my mother and again trying to glean information from me – but I don’t respond as I just can’t continue this tumultuous path of theirs or cause myself additional health problems. My daughter has failed to get a job – stating “she needs to figure it out” – while my mother supports her and the crew of felons and otherwise. I am totally at a loss. One of the reasons I moved away was to get away from all this (suggested by therapist after my mother emphatically refused to go with me to sort things out). Here we are 13+ years later and it seems even though I have distanced myself they are still trying. I’ve thought of writing them and telling them that I DEMAND THEM TO STOP CONTACTING ME, change my phone numbers, block them from email. I have enough health issues currently.


Gina April 6, 2017 at 2:17 pm

I can relate to this post. I feel so alone even though I have people around me. Feel no one understands and no one to talk to. As an adult with children of my own my Parents still act like can’t do anything right. For example they ridicule my diy cosmetic and cleaning recipes. My mom actually came to my home when I was not there and threw out the laundry detergent I made because she thought it was no good…. But I could just imagine if it was someone else doing the same exact thing they would be praising it. They also act like I should do everything for the children with the children and housework including manly jobs like painting walls etc. In the meantime they treat my husband like gold and act that since he works he is not obligated to do any housework or help with the kids.
They helped me a lot financially and with babysitting while I was a single Mom before I met my husband and am being reminded of that constantly. They act like I own them and try to sabotage any moving plans; we live close by I figure they want me close by so that I can look after them when they get older… ?
I really would love to move and start new life. I have alot of painful childhood memories here including being hit and sexually abused by my father. Of course I have to pretend nothing ever happened….My mom recalls me rebelling as teenager reminding what a horrible teenager I was. I burst out to her what happened to me as a child and how it messed me up for life. instead of getting compassion She just got very angry and ridiculed the fact that that would mess me up for life.
I feel She is also always trying to act so innocent and how ungrateful I am. Since I got the most help out of my siblings if I complain they act like I am being ungrateful for all they’ve done for me. Therefore I choose not to. It just hurts like hell when they take my Mother’s side. I feel so guilty even writing this. All my life I have been thought I am the guilty one I should always apologize and give in. So glad I found this website to help me feel I am not going crazy


Kelly April 11, 2017 at 10:51 pm

This was such a great article and has brought bounds of clarity to my current situation. I’m 34 and have only just realised my mother has been showing signs of narcissism for as long as I can remember. Without going into great detail, I never quite understood my mums thought processes and why she says/does the things she does, but its great to be able to identify her issues and realise that its not ME thats the problem. All I can take out of this realisation is positivity and acceptance. Moving forward is the only way for me to overcome it, even if it doesn’t involve my mum.


Heather April 22, 2017 at 11:34 am

As a daughter of a mother that I believe is a narcissist, I thank you all for these amazingly thoughtful posts. My mom is dying of cancer and I am slowly deteriorating from a progressive, incurable neuro-muscular disease. (My mom wrote me a letter two months before she found out about her cancer, telling me how horrible and selfish I am. I hadn’t seen her for a year.) Now I’m faced with her golden child daughter and her anger about my absence…and I have not shown grace. But reading these posts has helped put me on the right path, not to retaliate (which usually just means angry texting back and forth). Thank you, ladies, for your beautiful thoughts and advise about this issue. Sending you all light and love


Kathy May 9, 2017 at 1:13 pm


I have a mother who I believe is borderline narcissists. I have a sister who at times seems to be loving and caring, but, at the drop of the hat, can turn on me with a forked tongue. And she can slice through your heart without any care or concern for your wellbeing. We lived in the country for most our childhood. My stepfather would molest and beat me, beat my sister and at times beat my mother. Before my mother married her devil, I remember things were different. The greatest times! But I now realize that all of the abuse has caused so much damage between all of us – that I feel at such a loss. My sister displays borderline personality disorder and my mother seems to have become a narcissist (I think she may have had mild traits of this behavior in the past). What I do remember was that both my sister and I were best friends, our first five years of life. But after my mother divorced and remarried a pedophile things got really bad for me, my sister and my mother. What I realized too was my mother was manipulated by her husband so he could gain access to me. I was the oldest by two years and more huggy and loving person than even my sister. Once I started getting molested I went inward, into myself, and attempted many times to communicate with my mother what was going but chose her husband over my sister and I. My sister hated me because I was the favorite, but she did not know (at the time) I was being raped every morning in the summer by my stepfather, when I had to bring him his coffee. My stepfather never worked as my mother slaved which is why he had so much alone time. So as you can see this was a such an inescapable prison because back in those days, people did not believe you if you told someone your stepfather was molesting you. From this experience — developed monsters (both my sister and mother really never recovered from the sick twisted games that my mother’s ex-husband bestowed upon us). I had so much pain too, to deal with and needed my mother and sister for help but had their own pain. I do blame my mother for her horrible choices. My mother and sister however, no have this weird bond because they both experienced having children. As I consciously chose not to have any and endure female problems that resulted in a hysterectomy. I went to 15 years of various types of counseling to get better. My mother told me I that going to counseling was bad. I read self-help books. Worked out, went back to school, tried to make something of myself. I still feel a sick to my stomach because I feel jealousy from both of them. It is the most sick and twisted jealousy that have for me because??? I was molested and got all the attention? I am so disgusted at the fact that they can’t see what I had to endure to survive that shit.

I don’t have a relationship with my mother because she does not care about having one with me today and I am in my mid 40’s now. She is now with a new husband (who can be at times really verbally abusive) and my sister is so messed up. She treats her kids so badly and constantly talks about her past to them. She has the greatest career and makes three times the salary I make (which I am proud of her for doing such a great job in her career). Yet she smokes like a chimney and is constantly irritable, physically sice, is messy, gambles and has serious debt. I feel so bad for her but know she won’t listen to me about any advice. My sister can be so nasty to her husband that I just stay away so I don’t cross the line of fire. There are times when I feel so alone and helpless because of that bastard and my mother’s poor choices. But what I remind myself is how far I have come, that I have God in my life and also have wonderful husband that is my best friend. I am truly thankful for this and feel bad for anyone who has to deal with this type of emtional garbage. No matter what your story is there is always hope. I have tried to talk with my mother about my sister well being but it is like talking to a wall. They both get along so well and realized in a way they justify each other becuase I see that my sister has repeated the pattern of my mother. I feel I broke the chain.


LW May 16, 2017 at 10:53 am

Sadly, no sibling relationship as a result of narcissist mother. As a senior citizen who had hoped that there would be some sort of family reuniting by now I am finding this, in all honesty, will not occur. Being single and living alone it would be nice to know that I had a family to lean on in times of need. Recently, I have been kept out of work due to health issues and attempted contact with my mother – and specifically sent her mail explaining that I was not doing well and had been put on medical leave – absolutely no contact from her to even offer empathy or compassion. I should know by now after all these years that this is a person who has no empathy or compassion except when it comes to the “golden child” sister – my mother in the past during our conversations has told me my sister “is so tired”, she needs to rest so she won’t get sick. But when it comes to me and I try to mention the health issues I have I am completely ignored. Every thing she has done to me has certainly taken its toll – I was the first one to graduate from college in the family (at my own expense) – the morning of graduation my mother told me she would not be attending due to my sister needing her assistance; when I had surgery many years ago – she would not take me (nor did she show any empathy/compassion or offer assistance then – and at that time I lived next door); had surgery in 2016 – again no empathy/concern/compassion; when I was going through a divorce mother states to me “that I was making her look bad to townspeople” (sister however received opposite – financial help, sympathy from mother. What is puzzling is these demons work in the health field – mother retired (excellent state pension-complains it’s not enough); sister in home health care (group home). It’s like they are multiple personalities.
I guess I should, in all honesty really cut all contact. I don’t understand why they are still (even though I moved away to rid myself of this) trying to engage me in this toxic environment – guessing no one else will play their sick game and now I’m the target again.


Debbie May 18, 2017 at 8:44 am

Your story mirrors mine, almost exactly, except add a great degree of bullying. The worst question I’ve ever gotten from some people is “What did you do for your mother to make her treat you that way?” I know I’m too old to cry but that question really breaks me down. It’s like some people are so ignorant that they would ask if a child being bullied on a playground, “Well, what did you do to make them bully you?” I’m alone at 47 with disability, having this family dynamic. I am justifiably chronically depressed, and have been all my life, because of her and my sister. I just wish I personally knew people who understood this.


Jo May 19, 2017 at 6:54 am

I went to a therapist three different times in my life. The only problem I desperately needed help with pertained to the dysfunctional family I grew up in; namely my mother and siblings. I didn’t even live in the same state as them yet they made my life miserable. Rather, I let it make my life miserable … by letting them in. One therapist was able to help me. I remember him saying, “Your mom is always orchestrating a play. She is always using you kids as players and having the play develop, the way she wants it too”. I was much younger than my siblings and I always foolishly thought that I must be an endearing person to them … as I was their “little sister”. NOT. I have been envied, used, manipulated, lied too, stolen from, and the list goes on. I remember a phone conversation I had with my mother about 10 years ago. She casually informs me which of my siblings “hate me”. Then she casually tells me which of her siblings she hates. Her reason for the hatred: The hated ones had a college education and lived a better life; namely they had more material things, a better house, a newer car.


Jo May 19, 2017 at 7:25 am

My mother would deliberately lie to cause big problems among us kids. As I said in earlier post, I lived in another state. One day, I asked her if she would mail me my “homecoming buttons” from high school which were kept in an old trunk in my bedroom. “Oh,” she says, “So and so’s kids took them”. (My brother’s kids). And so, I think this for years .. until the next time I am home and look in the trunk. There they were, right on top. I absolutely KNOW my mother, and at the time she was really angry with this brother, so she lied to get me to be mad at his kids. It made no sense. This is just how she operates.


Jo May 19, 2017 at 8:16 am

The eldest, my only sister, is the Golden Child and always has been. She looks A LOT like our mother. My NM “loves herself” and “sees herself” as an attractive person. I, on the other hand, look A LOT like our father. Years and years later, following my father’s death, my mom casually says to me, “I waited my whole life for a handsome man and I haven’t found one yet”. (They were married over 50 years). When this came out of her mouth, I knew that she found me to be an unattractive woman … in her eyes.
For my entire life … and I am a senior citizen now … I have been told by my NM that I am to do everything possible to help my sister. I was always supposed to give her everything I had, because she “didn’t have anything”. Not that many years ago, my NM screamed out at me “You should be supporting your sister!” (She meant to provide financial support).
There was/is nothing physically or mentally wrong with my sister. She was/is capable of having a job. Right now, and for numerous years now, she lives in a special “mother apartment” that her son made for her. My sister has been divorced for decades and has had numerous boyfriends. She and my NM are always talking about the “current boyfriend”. My mom will say to me, “There were so many men who loved her!!!” (My mom is referring to boyfriends in the 1960’s).
Recently while visiting my NM at her home, I saw that my mom had a special place for cards she received from my sister. They were all taped on a wall in a certain area (like a place of honor). She received cards from other people (including me) but they were not taped up anywhere.
A couple of years ago, while my NM was “going on and on” about all the men “who loved my sister” so much …. I am mad at myself for saying … “What about me, Mom? I had good boyfriends too …they were handsome and accomplished …”. I got no response. Dead silence.
I have been happily married for over 30 years to a handsome man.
Recently, my sister was home to visit our NM and I was there (with my husband) and another sibling was there (a brother). I told a funny story about a long time ago and laughed. I looked at my sister. If there was ever a “death stare” … she was giving me one. A little bit later, I told another story about something I did when I was a kid. She quickly shot out a barb at me that I was wrong about what I was remembering.
No love there.
When my sister returned home, and I spoke with my NM on the phone a few days later, my NM says “There’s just something about her! She’s special. And her twinkling eyes. Everyone just loves her. Men love her”.


Jo May 19, 2017 at 8:44 am

And now I am going to share a story about one of my brothers. Alas, he was “born at the wrong time”. Recall the Golden Child, my sister, who was born first. Well, my unfortunate brother was born about one year later. One day, my mom tells me a story. She says, “When the older kids were little, and we lived on the farm, (my brother) disappeared”. They worried about him, but he showed up just a few minutes later. My mom goes on to finish the story. There he was, a little boy about 5 years old, holding a big bouquet of wildflowers he had just picked down at the crick. My mom even says the following words the way a little child would talk. She says, “This are for you, Mama”.
My mom tells me this story and then she says to me, “You know, I never loved him”.
She goes on to say that she loved (my sister) so much and that he was born too soon following her birth and then she had to devote time to him, and away from her.
I was mortified to hear this. I was mortified that she shared it.
Looking back over the decades and decades that have been our lives with this woman, it is apparent to me that she held back love from him. She treated others much more favorably. When other siblings got a “mound” of presents for Christmas, his family got a few gifts. I knew that she bought him white work socks.
I know first hand that she has cast out insults to him about what his youngest son looks like. And he’s handsome! (She happens to also hate the wife/mother).
My brother told me that he gave up on our family a long, long time ago. He knows she has favorites and that he is not one of them. He said that he considers long-term family friends to be his “family”. He says that he cannot be hurt any longer, he gave up.
I find this all to be so sad. I feel that we are victims of a mentally ill woman who gave birth to us.


Scapegoat2 May 23, 2017 at 2:22 pm

Wow! I thought I was along in this. My sister is the golden child and my brother and I were both victim and scapegoat alternately. He is still playing the game though. He is in his early 60’s now and has been in therapy for 30 years. He is so involved in this game and so arrogant that he has written two letters to me that clearly show he is going to damn me and get me out of the family no matter what….yes, I have it in writing from him. He stated he would even ruin my relationship with my son for good. I moved many years ago, to another state and even though I live hundreds of miles away, both my brother and sister find ways to come at me. I was the youngest out of three. I have been sick for decades and I can’t seem to regain my health. Recently I discovered an “infection” that may stem back to my childhood and when I mentioned it to my mother…only that I had it and nothing more…she seemed to have insider information about this. Is it crazy to think she knew but did nothing? What would it gain her? Im confused.
My mothers mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia shortly after my mother was born. I know this had quite an impact on my mother so I made excuses for her behavior for many years. I still will because of her age at this point, but not to myself, not any longer!
I could never figure the game out….but thanks to this article Im seeing things clearer now. I will remain at a distance from these ppl and continue with my life…I will have to supply the love and nurturing for me on my own as always, but at least now I can understand what was going on while growing up and why things were the way they were.
Thanks to everyone who shared…it helped me alot


Scapegoat2 May 23, 2017 at 2:32 pm

I have to continue….It was a game to see who could be down on me or my brother the most…who could find something wrong with something he or I said/did/didnt’ do..etc. my whole life! His whole life! This horrid game my mom, sister and sometimes even my dad got sucked into.
I almost always have to call her and she inevitably asked trigger questions to get answers from me that she can be accusatory with, place blame with even though there is no blame…the game continues…on and on and it stops now (nicely on my part)…I see and hear about loving families and I used to wonder what was so wrong with me that I didn’t get that at home. I always internalized it as a child and even as a young adult…good grief! I will be sending this article to my brother anonymously….he needs to read the article and Wake Up!


Jennifer A Swartz May 23, 2017 at 4:11 pm

I see this with my husband and his brother, and noticed my mother in law does have the golden child complex with her grandchildren as well. Drama is always on the rise when she’s around. Now both of her son’s haven’t spoken to each other in over a year. She still comes here and complains about his brother and his lifestyle. I realise she is wired to run on drama and try to ignore her, but it is so damn hard. I considered divorce just so I would not have to deal with her anymore.


Bertie May 25, 2017 at 5:50 am

I have been married for decades. My husband was the second oldest of seven children. He grew up in a poor family. He said that when he graduated from high school, he was given a “shaving bag” and he was “supposed to go”. He enlisted in the Navy. While growing up, the parents did what they could by supporting the family with food and a roof over their head. However, they were a “healthy unit” and they did all love each other, unconditionally. The seven siblings ended up moving in various places around the U.S.
They all had children and they all ended up doing different things. It didn’t matter if someone had enormous accomplishments, or … was a bit of a stinker …. everyone was treated kindly and respectfully and with love, from all members of that big family. Nothing weird ever went on. His parents passed away quite awhile ago. My husband will get text messages, photos, phone calls … every once in awhile from his brothers. Each time, the conversation ends with them telling each other “I love you”.
My own family is an absolute NIGHTMARE. Nothing mine did or does exhibits love, but rather the opposite.
I am sorry I did not disconnect from mine a lot sooner. It was a waste of a person’s precious life to have it be poisoned by a horrible family.


Jo May 25, 2017 at 7:05 am

My NM had favorites with the grandchildren too. Many years ago, my sister said to me, “Don’t ever tell her anything about my kids!” I didn’t ask why. I just promised that I wouldn’t. Years pass and I have kids of my own. NM was okay when they were very young, but as years went by she started to show her weird behavior of favoritism of one and being outwardly mean to the other. She always used to send each of them a birthday card. But one year she decided to send birthday cards ONLY to our oldest son, her favorite. She ignored my husband, me, and the other son. Their birthdays were only one month apart. So every year, he’d see his brother getting a birthday card from Grandma and knowing he would not be getting one. And sure enough, he wouldn’t get one.
This is damaging behavior. How did my sons react? The older son (her favorite) didn’t open her cards. And he resented what she was doing. He decided, on his own, that he wasn’t going to have “anything to do with my dysfunctional family”. Period. And, he added, “I don’t like how she treated my brother”.
So the kids severed their relationship with her quite awhile ago. I am quite sure they have the same questions, the same sadness, the same anger … that the rest of us have with that age old question of, “Why couldn’t we have that normal family other people have?”


Jo May 30, 2017 at 9:41 am

I am going to write about scapegoating. I didn’t even realize I was being scapegoated. I just knew that what was going on was wrong, and very hurtful and harmful, to me.
When my dad passed away he was living in a nursing home. We happened to be home on vacation at the time. One of my brothers went into Dad’s old closet and showed me what they were going to bury him in. A really old blue shirt and really old grey trousers. We went and bought Dad a complete suit — a summer suit — and had to buy everyone in our family dress clothes (as we were home on vacation and didn’t have dress clothes with us). We bought Dad shoes and a belt and had them put his watch back on. He hadn’t had it since he went into the nursing home. I was later heavily criticized for what kind of suit we chose for Dad. But they would have buried him in his old shirt and pants.
On another occasion, Mom and Dad were having their 50th wedding anniversary. I had an Infant at the time. We went home. We bought the big cake. All of the other siblings lived nearby Mom and Dad. I was heavily criticized by everyone, especially my mother, that I did not cater in food for the event. I repeat, the rest of them all live there.
In my mom’s mind, her wedding anniversary was “up to us kids” to fete her. It had nothing to do with a “wedding anniversary” between her and my dad. It was up to us kids to buy her (them) something really major.
I could write more examples. But I don’t want people to get more sick of me than they probably are already. Wah.


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