The Healthy Relationship Pathway

Sorry, This Product Is No Longer For Sale

A narcissistic mother often creates a relational “dead zone” and hurts our ability to have healthy relationships. Sometimes, we need help to leave the narcissistic dead zone (NDZ).

The narcissistic dead zone is an unproductive and hollow place, with less support and love than we need, yet full of other unhealthy people who enable or endure the narcissistic mother’s behavior.

What if you had a pathway to leave the narcissistic dead zone, then build and maintain a great habitat for positive relationships?

The Healthy Relationship Pathway audio recording was created for that purpose–to help you build a happier place for yourself.

One recent comment on the blog read, “I’ve been confused and self-sabotaging for my entire life.” Knowing how to value the self and maximize our potential through healthy relationships was not part of the initial skill set we learned from our narcissistic parent.

As a matter of fact, if we were lucky, sometimes all we knew was what to avoid.

That’s how we survived.

But, to thrive, wouldn’t it be nice to know what to look for and create in our relationships?

If you want the shortcut of some hard earned advice, shared in an 80-minute audio interview recording, purchase my Healthy Relationship Pathway audio for just $19.95. (My office visits are $285 per hour on this topic so it seemed like a good way to get more of this information out at an affordable rate.) You can download it immediately to play or stream it from your computer.

Humbly In Recovery,