Angry at a Narcissistic Mother: Part One

Your narcissistic mother makes you angry and sucks you dry. You’ve spent your whole life compensating for the bad she caused and chasing the good she didn’t give you. Now, you’re an adult and have much more freedom than when she dominated your life. But, what if you’re still angry? Anger can serve as a […]

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Maternal Narcissism

Maternal narcissism results in you, as a child, growing up with a woman who is a mother in name only. When my coaching and psychotherapy clients see the pattern of narcissism in how they were “parented” they say something similar to the recent comment on our blog, “Until today I always thought it was something […]

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Surviving a Narcissistic Mother

Surviving a narcissistic mother is a process, not an event. You can’t just wake up one day and decide that you no longer wish to have a narcissistic mother and then, poof, she–and the pain she caused–is gone. Anyone who’s taken the journey from being in a narcissist’s gravitational pull to breaking free knows it’s […]

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